The comfort of a shirt with the protection of a jacket! Soft and thin GORE® WINDSTOPPER® with good stretch functions great in a wide temperature range. Focus on your run without the annoyance of changing layers.

FUSION Shirt long

This long-sleeved shirt was developed especially for ultra trail and marathon runners. The materials are extremely breathable and lightweight. Super-flat, ultrasonic seams in the shoulder area prevent rubbing on the skin when running with a backpack.

FUSION Zip Shirt

Created for ultimate comfort, this extremely lightweight and breathable shirt fits like a second skin. Performance-oriented long distance runners benefit from the ultrasonic seams, which prevent rubbing on the skin when wearing a backpack.

FUSION 2in1 Shorts

Based on years of experience, the design for these extremely lightweight shorts blends the perfect fit of tights with the look of shorts. Made with breathable materials, they offer extreme athletes optimal comfort on long distance runs.


Slim fit print shirt with an elegant collar solution, many ventilation inserts and an extremely soft and elastic fabric. Features intelligent details like a zipped back pocket and visibility elements.


This simple print top is crafted for supreme comfort. The flat seams ensure that this top doesn't rub the skin during a run, and the narrow back allows for unhindered motion. It also features a handy pocket on the inside.


These shorts feature built-in tights for runners who demand comfort and performance. Mesh strips ensure proper ventilation. The inner tight fits like a second skin, allowing for unhindered motion. There's a handy pocket on the left leg.

WINDSTOPPER® climate control

Everybody worries about the weather but there is another climate that is just as important. It's called your microclimate and it's the thin layer of protective air that always surrounds you. Various WINDSTOPPER ® technologies keep wind and weather out so that the microclimate stays stable at all times. The results is that you'll be comfortable in any weather.

Staying dry with GORE-TEX®

Even if the rain is pouring and you're sweating our apparel keeps you dry. Guaranteed. This may sound impossible but in the GORE-TEX fabric there are billions of tiny pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a water drop but 700 times larger than water vapor. Rain is kept out while perspiration vaporizes, meaning you'll stay dry no matter what. Nothing to it really, just cutting edge science.

Clothing you can trust

It's really simple, Gore's focus is to always design clothing that eliminates every distraction possible via intelligent use of GORE-TEX®, WINDSTOPPER® and GORE® Selected fabrics. If your body is comfortable and well shielded you can focus on what is important. Your performance.